A local cuisine which is based on fresh caught each day. Fresh fish, molluscs, crustaceans, come from the markets of San Benedetto del Tronto and Civitanova Marche as well as foreign locations through logistics platforms that are of aerial means freshness guarantee. A kitchen that avoids contamination divorced seafaring traditions of the Marche, where it is imperative the exclusive use of its flavors of the vegetable oil and extra virgin olive oil of our own production.

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In the main house, on the ground floor, in a dedicated environment because it is distinct and separate from residences and suites so as to maintain privacy and confidentiality to guests of the relais, in front of a flowered patio, there is the restaurant of the structure, independently managed by professionals in the sector to whom the property has intended to entrust the care and management since it is also open to outsiders despite the limited number of seats: just forty.

The choice is not accidental: the quality level of the raw materials and the refinement of the courses impose to privilege excellence over the mass since the catch arrives every dawn from the markets of San Benedetto del Tronto and Civitanova Marche, wisely worked in the day according to local tradition so much so that the dishes change and are modified on the basis of what in the night the Adriatic offered to the fishermen's nets.

Land lovers are treated to a selection of Maccheroncini di Campofilone IGP accompanied by olives all'ascolana produced by a local excellence but, above all, by local meats supplied to the restaurant by small certified producers , as well as meats and cheeses are all strictly Made in Marche while the vegetables and fruits served at the residences, are harvested daily by direct growers whose fields are visible from every terracing of the Residences: never, as in this case, does the concept of zero kilometer respond to an indisputable truth.

Entrusting to external specialists the management of the restaurant inside the Residenze degli Ulivi is a choice dictated by the humility of the owners who wanted to privilege those who are masters and specialists in catering by creating a fixed-price menu for the guests of the relais, while still putting off a la carte all other enogastronomic desires, complemented by a wine cellar where for the most part, selected Marche labels insist with some typical regional digressions.

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