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Campofilone stands on a hill overlooking the valley of the river Aso, with a vast territory, from a height of 210 meters up to a marine area of ​​approximately 1.5 kilometers of beach. Economy is mainly agro-livestock, currently has less than 2,000 inhabitants, of which a little less than a hundred within the city walls and the others scattered in an area, which includes the Aso Valley, and two other valleys surmounted by as many hills.

Green nature and lush with ordered crops of fruit and horticultural. Already important settlement Piceno eight centuries before the birth of Christ (there is a rich presence of tombs and artifacts) in the Republican age (third century BC) became an important center of Roman expansion (Campusfullonum: the hill dyers, ed) place among the colonies Cupra and Fermo where cloaks and tunics of the Legionaries of Rome and the garments of the time were colored.

Remnants of the past and of Roman tradition can still be seen and visited. In the twelfth century, with the vivid presence of the Benedictine monks, became a free municipality and from the fourteenth century suffers the power of the Bishop of Fermo. The old town consists of a medieval castle with a single entrance and two small side doors (Porta da Sole e Porta Bora) at whose summit stands the Benedictine Abbey, which is connected with a network of tunnels, to the Church of Santa Maria of Intigno, located on a hill distant and separate the Abbey itself and containing valuable paintings as well as a wooden crucifix of the twelfth century.
Tomb of the Duke of Altemps, that died of illness on the way back from the last crusade in the Holy Land.

Built on the remains of a Roman villa and a pagan temple, the Abbey of Campofilone, full of paintings and decorations of famous artists from the Marche, is dedicated to St. Bartholomew the Apostle.

Campofilone is world famous for being the birthplace and be jealous guardian today of a precious egg pasta : the maccheroncini, whose strict production gives this product the pinnacle of excellence.
The national festival of maccheroncini Campofilone is held on the first Sunday of August.

Campofilone is always been Travel Destination and now offers several accommodation facilities. The excellence is maintained by the Residenze Degli Ulivi, with its extremely comfortable ambience and its suites of varying size and surface area surrounded by a Mediterranean garden, the park swimming pool and two restaurants with two distinct cuisines: sea and land.